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can_you_beat_ken.jpgCan You Beat Ken?  

Can your camper beat the grand champion of Jeopardy in this board game? Trivia buffs and game show groupies, here's your chance to face off against the ultimate know-it-all, Ken Jennings!  The Salt Lake City software engineer rose to fame in 2004 with a record-setting streak as Jeopardy game show champion, amassing over $2.5 million dollars in earnings for his 74 straight wins. 

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All players race against Ken to see who can reach $2.6 million dollars first, by answering trivia questions on such subjects as history, sports, science, and contemporary music. All 1200 questions in the game were posed to Ken Jennings. Can you answer the questions he couldn't? Can You Beat Ken?  2 or more players, ages 12 and up.  Limited quantities.