Camps With Restrictions

The vast majority ( 98%) of the over 8000 residential summer camps in the US embrace care packages as a meaningful part of the summer camp experience.  There are, however, some camps that have special rules and/or restrictions on camp care packages and we do our best to honor them.  The following is our list by state of summer camps that have some type of care package restriction and what those restrictions are.

Note:  Even camps that are listed as no packages, usually will accept a birthday package.  Call us at 1-800-888-7925 if you have any questions.


   Camp Alpine--no packages

   Camp Beckwith-no packages

   Camp DeSoto--no packages

   Camp Laney--birthday only, prior approval needed

   Camp Mac--no electronics or balls, one pkg per week

   Camp Skyline Ranch--no packages

   Camp Winnataska-envelopes only



   Camp Stein-One package per week, no water balloons



   Camp Azalea Trails--packages go USPS (not UPS) so allow extra time

   Camp Gilboa--packages go USPS (not UPS) so allow extra time

   Camp Marin Sierra-requests that packages not be sent after Wedenesday that scout is in camp

   Camp Menzies--packages go USPS (not UPS) so allow extra time

   Camp Ravencliff--packages go USPS (not UPS) so allow extra time 

   Camp Skylark Ranch--packages ok but will take an extra day or two

   Gold Arrow Camp-no packages

   Riverway Ranch Camp--no packages 

   Walton's Grizzly Lodge--no packages

   Yosemite Sierra Summer Camp--no magazines or electronics




District of Columbia


   Camp Pine Tree Kampus Kampe--8 1/2 x 11 flat pack


   Camp Woodmont---padded envelopes

   URJ Camp Coleman--flat pack only




   Camp Kupugani-no packages

   White Pines Ranch--no packages, except birthday







   Camp Arcadia--limit to 2 packages per summer

   Camp Cobbossee- 9x12 envelope

   Camp Greylock--flat pack only

   Camp Kohut---no packages

   Camp Laurel on Echo Lake--only books and magazines

   Camp Laurel South--one box per season, afterwards padded envelopes only

   Camp Matoaka for Girls--no packages

   Camp Micah--birthday only

   Camp North Star-no packages

   Camp Pinecliffe--no packages

   Camp Skylemar-no packages

   Camp Takajo--books & magazines only

   Camp Tapawingo--12x15 padded envelope


   Camps Airy/Louise-9x12 padded envelope


   Camp Belvoir Terrace-only "necessary" items

   Camp URJ Crane-NEW FOR 2016--No packages allowed

   Camp Danbee--padded envelope

   Camp URJ Eisner-NEW FOR 2016--No packages allowed

   Camp Emerson--birthday packages only

   Camp Greylock-flat pack 

   Camp Winadu-no packages


   Camp Lake of the Woods and The Glen--11x14, "if you can bend it, you can send it"

   Camp Maas--no packages allowed

   Camp Racquette Lake--no packages

   Camp Tamarack--9x14 padded envelope

   Camp Walden--9x12 padded envelope

   Greenwoods Camp for Boys and The Grove--11x14, "if you can bend it, you can send it"

   Wooden Acres--padded envelope


   Camp Birchwood--birthday only with birthday sticker

   Camp Foley--no packages

   Camp Lake Hubert for Girls--no internet things

   Camp Kamaji--no packages

   Camp Odayin-no packages

   Camp Lincoln--no packages



   Strong River Camp and Farm--no electronics

   Twin Lakes Camp-no packages


   Camp Lonestar--no glowsticks or water guns




New Hampshire

   Camp Huckins--padded envelope

   Camp Mitena-limit to size of shoebox

   Camp Nakomis--ships by USPS, not UPS, and may take longer

   Camp Pemigewassett--essentials only

   Camp Winaukee--envelope

   Camp Wicosuta-envelope only

   Camp Yavneh--9 x 12 envelope only

   Merriwood Camp--flat pack

   Pierce Camp Birchmont--one package per session

   Robindel Camp--no packages

   Walt Whitman 9x12 envelope only

New Jersey

New Mexico

   Blue Haven Youth Camp--no electronics

New York

   Brant Lake Camp--birthday only

   Camp Chipinaw & Chipinaw at Silver Lake--birthday box ok, otherwise 9x 12 flat pack

   Camp Lokanda--one package per summer

   Camp Pontiac--no packages

   Camp Schodack--package for birthday or needed items only

   Camp Summit--padded envelope

   Camp Walden--no packages

   Echo Lake Lodge--games only

   Echo Lake Southwoods-games only

   Eden Village Camp-no packages

   Iroquois Springs--padded envelope

   Ramah in the Berkshires--one package per summer

   Raquette Lake--no packages

   Seneca Lake Camp--one box per session; flat pack thereafter

   Stagedoor-prefer no packages

   Timber Lake Camp--birthday only

North Carolina

   American Dance Training Camp-no packages this location

   Camp Blue Star--one package per session

   Camp Chosatonga--no packages

   Camp Green Cove--no packages

   Camp Greystone-no packages

   Camp High Rocks--birthday only

   Camp Highlander--no packages

   Camp Illahee--birthday only

   Camp Kahdalea--no packages

   Camp Keystone--no packages

   Camp Merrie Woode--no packages

   Camp Merrimac--no packages

   Camp Mondamin--no packages

   Camp Rockbrook--no packages

   Camp Rockmont--no packages

   Camp Sea Gull-- 12x15x3/4 envelope

   Camp Seafarer--12x15x3/4 envelope

   Ridgecrest Camps (includes Crestridge)--no packages

North Dakota


   Camp Wise--birthday only




   Camp Blue Ridge--birthday only

   Camp Canadensis--no packages

   Camp Equinunk--birthday only

   Camp Kweebec--flat pack

   Camp Lake Owego--padded envelope

   Camp Lee Mar--birthday only

   Camp Pinemere--birthday only

   Camp Pocono Ridge--no packages

   Camp Ramah in the Poconos--no hair color or tattoos

   Camp Saginaw--9x12 flat padded envelope

   Camp Seneca Lake at Seneca Lake--no packages

   Camp Timber Lake--no packages

   Camp Timber Tops--padded envelope

   Camp Tyler Hill--birthday box with birthdate on it; otherwise, padded envelope

   Camp Wayne--envelope only

   Camp Weequahic--no packages

   Camp Woodmont--no packages

   Capital Camps--padded envelope

   Chestnut Lake Camp--birthday only with birthday sticker

   Indian Head Camp-no packages

   Lake Bryn Mawr Camp--birthday only

   Nock-a-Mixon Camp--no packages

   Pine Forest Camp--padded envelope

   Summers Best 2 Weeks--no electronics

   Trails End Camp--one box with sticker; flat envelope thereafter

Rhode Island

South Carolina

South Dakota


   Victory Ranch Camp--no packages


   Blue Streak Stables--no color spray

   Camp Champions--NEW for 2015--No packages allowed.

   Camp Fern- one package per week in 10"x16" envelope only; also no water guns or balloons, silly

                         string, or glow sticks allowed

   Camp Mystic-NEW for 2015--10x16 envelope only

   Camp Stewart--no electronics


   YMCA Camp Rogers-packages go USPS (not UPS) so allow extra time


   Roaring Brook Camp--no packages



   Camp Horizons--no packages

   YMCA CAmp Silver Beach--no electronics


   Four Winds Westward Ho--no electronics

West Virginia

    Camp Allegheny--NEW FOR 2016--No packages allowed

    Camp Twin Creeks, only send books, magazines, & toiletries (no makeup)


   Camp Agawak for Girls--birthday box ok, otherwise flat pack

    Camp Horseshoe--flat printed material only

   Camp Menominee for Boys--flat pack of only books and magazines

   Camp Nicolet for Girls--birthday only

   Camp Ojibwa--padded envelope of only books and magazines (except for birthday)

   Birch Trail Camp in Minong, WI is a no package camp; however, Girl Scout Camp Birch Trail in Irma, Wisconsin does accept packages.

   North Star Camp--no packages

   Red Pine Camp-no packages

   Timberlane Camp for Boys--no packages