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The Ship to: box represents the camper you are building the care package for. If it's the first item you're adding to your cart, you will need to add their name (or add name) before clicking Add to Cart. After that you can select their name from the Ship to: box for each additional item.  If you're building packages for multiple campers just add additional names as you go.

Traditional Birthday Snack Care PackageTraditional Birthday Snack Care Package

What a great way to say "Happy Birthday"--a care package full of bright and cheery colored snacks and, best of all, a card with your birthday message! You can also choose our "Plus" version that adds birthday flair they are sure to love. 

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Choose from our Standard or Plus versions.


Our Standard Package Includes:

Sunchips Multigrain Snacks, Act II Microwave Popcorn, Kit Kat Bar, Kellogg’s Brand Cereal, Nacho Doritos, Davids Sunflower Seeds, Planters Peanuts, Sour Skittles, Chips Ahoy Cookies, Clif Bar, Atomic Fireballs, Big Red Cinnamon Gum, and more!.


Our Plus Package Includes :

Our Traditional Birthday Snack Care Package Plus:  a 3 foot Birthday Banner, 3 Birthday Blow-outs,  jumbo flashing Birthday Pin and Birthday Beads.