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Groovy14-Mod2.jpgGroovy Girl - Flat Package

Our longest running, best selling girl's speciality package redesigned to fit in a flat package! Includes our adorable 12" lying dog, peace autograph pillow case, super popular temporary Tattoo Markers, Design-A-Band and more. A total of 10 great items!  Package in a camp approved flat package.

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Adorable 12" lying dog, peace autograph pillow w/pen, ever popular Design-A-Band bracelet kit for hours of bracelet making fun, checkered sun glasses, set of six temporary tattoo markers, 2 Santee nail polishes, groovy playing cards, super popular tie die Rainbow-Hedge pen and a great novelty lip gloss.

**Sealed With a Kiss reserves the right to make minor substitutions in exclusive camp packages based upon item availability.