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The Ship to: box represents the camper you are building the care package for. If it's the first item you're adding to your cart, you will need to add their name (or add name) before clicking Add to Cart. After that you can select their name from the Ship to: box for each additional item.  If you're building packages for multiple campers just add additional names as you go.

Keep 'Em Busy Care PackageA Little Something

Just a little something to remind your camper they are loved and that you hope they have a wonderful experience at camp. Eleven different items to make their days at camp just a little more special.

Sorry, this item is not currently available.

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Package Includes:                          Click here for larger package image.

Lovable 10" Sitting Bear, Light-up Puffer Emoji, MayDay Card Game,Glow-in-the-Dark Yo-Yo, Crazy Bird Pen, Fart Putty, Flip Flop Note Spiral Notepad, Flip Flop Necklace, Create-Your-Own Bracelet Kit, 18" Punch Ball, and Flip Flop Lip Gloss Compact.

**Sealed With a Kiss reserves the right to make minor substitutions in exclusive camp packages based upon item availability.