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The Ship to: box represents the camper you are building the care package for. If it's the first item you're adding to your cart, you will need to add their name (or add name) before clicking Add to Cart. After that you can select their name from the Ship to: box for each additional item.  If you're building packages for multiple campers just add additional names as you go.

Shuttles_xlg.jpgShuttles--Carry on Travel Game

A maze game with a unique twist!  Your camper can change the maze during play.  Move your piece through the maze as quick as you can, or slide a shuttle to open up a new path through the maze and block your opponent.  Great cabin game for camp and for the ride home too!

Keywords: Board Game, cabin
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2 players, ages 8 to adult.  Contains pocket-sized travel case, game board with 7 sliding Shuttles, 10 playing pieces, and complete instructions.