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The Ship to: box represents the camper you are building the care package for. If it's the first item you're adding to your cart, you will need to add their name (or add name) before clicking Add to Cart. After that you can select their name from the Ship to: box for each additional item.  If you're building packages for multiple campers just add additional names as you go.

MadLibsRoad-mod2.jpgMad Libs on the Road

Pack your bags and get ready to hit the road with this latest installment of family fun!  You can help create car songs, spot some historical sights, even stop at a roadside diner--with a Mad Libs twist, of course!

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Many have tried to imitate the world's most popular word game, but they just can't     VERB     the mustard!  With Mad Libs on the Road, traveling has never been so wacky!