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The Ship to: box represents the camper you are building the care package for. If it's the first item you're adding to your cart, you will need to add their name (or add name) before clicking Add to Cart. After that you can select their name from the Ship to: box for each additional item.  If you're building packages for multiple campers just add additional names as you go.

do_you_sudoku.jpgDo You Sudoku? For Kids

Do You Sudoku? For kids uses six animal symbols on a grid composed of six 3x2 boxes (instead of the nine 3x3 boxes that use the digits 1 through 9 employed by traditional Sudoku puzzles). 

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The principle is precisely the same:  no one of each of the six cartoon critters can show up more than once in the same row, column, or 3x2 box.  Great for discovering patterns and developing logical thinking skills!  Contains 55 puzzles and 24 reusable vinyl stickers.