Camp_Ga_Juliette_Low.gifCamp Juliette Low        Clouldland, Ga

"Camp Juliette Low is approximately 2 hours from Atlanta, GA and Birmingham, AL, an hour from Chattanooga, TN and 40 minutes from Rome, GA.  Campers can fly into Atlanta.  The camp director will arrange transportation from the airport and return.  

 The mountaintop expanse now covers more than 325 acres.  While the beauty and the traditions remain, CJL has grown with the times.  There are now one and two-week sessions available.  The rock swimming hole remains, but there is also a modern swimming pool.  Campers still sleep in four-girl platform tents and do the necessary housekeeping, but there is a dining hall, infirmary, craft house and recreation building.  All the time-honored skills of outdoor cooking, fire building, trail hiking and singing remain.  Campers can still nestle in their private piece of the “soft rocks”, wake to the sound of the old bell, put on a talent show, and sail a bark “Baby Boat” at the end of the camp session.  Tradition lives on, enriched by activities like the climbing wall and challenge course.

 Camping is an early opportunity for community living and cooperation, as well as for individual confidence building.  Campers are housed four to a platform tent, in units of about 24 campers and four counselors.  Each unit has its own cookout facility, toilets and showers – all maintained by the campers.  In the various outdoor activities, girls learn what it means to improvise with newly acquired skills – to build a fire and cook out, even in wet weather if necessary, to create their own fun with singing and story telling.  Through these and many other time-tested camp experiences, CJL girls learn to be “as sturdy as a tree and as flexible as a leaf”.

 Girls who have completed the first grade and are 7 years old through girls of high school age are accepted at CJL.  They will be placed in units with campers of the same age level.  We recommend that first-time campers age 7 or 8 attend a one-week session.  Older girls and experienced campers quite often want to attend a two-week session or to combine sessions.  “Stay-overs” are carefully supervised and enjoy special outings to Summerville between sessions.

 Camper health and safety are the highest priority at CJL.  The camp is run by competent directors, aided by a well-trained, mature staff.  The ratio of campers to staff is about 4:1, fostering individual attention.  The counselors are chosen to work with girls because of their special talents and knowledge of camping skills.  Safety rules are taught as an integral part of every activity.  A health supervisor is in residence and a doctor is always on call.  A trained dietician plans balanced menus for the camp, so parents and friends are requested not to send food packages to the campers.

 The Counselor-in-Training program is designed to develop leadership, teaching skills and an understanding of children.  CITs work with the younger girls under the supervision of the CIT Director.  CIT graduates provide strength and continuity to CJL’s overall program.  CIT applicants must have completed the 10th grade."  Visit their website.  UPS Ground Transit: 2 Days

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