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The Best Camp Care Packages

Sealed With A Kiss shipped the 1st camp care packages June 2nd, 1984.   Since then we have grown to become the largest camp care package company in the country while remaining a family owned business.

Our New Store

We hope you enjoy our new store.  It brings our old website and newer online store together into one seamless shopping experience.  Please let us know what you think of it.


You Select the Delivery Date

Summer Campers are moving targets, they are at camp for a couple of weeks then they're gone.  Our store lets you select the date you want each package to arrive. 

Lowest shipping rates! Because of our central location and package volumes we offer our Customers the lowest shipping rates in the industry.  Just don't wait until it's too late to ship your order by ground, expedited shipping methods can get expensive!


Proud Member of the ACA

We work with the ACA and their Member Camps to ensure our camp care packages provide a positive experience for the campers and the camps.  As a courtesy to ACA Member Camps we do not include food in any of our care packages.

A few camps have camp care package restrictions beyond food, check out our list to see if your camp is one of them and, if so, what their restrictions are!

eswak_logo.gif has been designed to make ordering camp care packages as easy and painless as possible.  Its capabilities are as numerous as there are ways to order.

With the new ordering is No Problem!

Ordering multiple camp care packages, no problem.  You can set up multiple packages, going to multiple campers on multiple dates all within one order.  

Ordering your camp care package in advance, good for you!  You will be given an opportunity to select any future delivery date you would like.  When your associated ship date arrives, out your package goes.

Don't know the shipping address of your Camp, no problem.  With our new checkout process, just enter your camp's state and then select your camp from the list provided.  Our camp database has over 1000 verified camp mailing addresses.  


Within our store you can select from over 700 unique items and/or choose from one of our more than 30 pre-built care packages.   

Or......... you can let SWAK choose for you like thousands of parents and relatives do every year!  Just select the size package you want, share with us a little about your camper ( their age, gender, likes and dislikes) and we will choose from over 700 items to build them the perfect package!  Order as often as you like, we keep a history of every camper's package and make sure every package they receive is totally new no matter how many packages, week after week, year after year.